Professional Standards

Baker Wealth Management has adopted a firm-wide set of standards and guidelines that are among the highest in the investment industry.  We believe that our advisors must:

Always place our client's interests first and foremost

Build our relationships with integrity, respect and accountability

Maintain the integrity of our profession by developing professional competence and knowledge

We believe that each client is unique. Because of this, the ‘one size fits all’ portfolio style approach is avoided. Instead, we respect and value our client’s individuality and we customize portfolios which reflect their needs.

Integrity, professionalism and communication are the pillars of our organization. Baker Wealth Management is an independent financial firm and advice is given with no allegiance to any particular financial product or fund family. Our sole commitment is to our clients to whom we strive to earn and maintain their trust and respect.



By focusing solely on the priorities of our clients, we provide insightful financial advice through comprehensive planning. Our planning technique involves:

  • Understanding our client's situation – their personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance,
  • Designing solutions intended to help our clients reach their objectives,
  • Implement our client's customized solutions with specific account types, investment products and strategies, and
  • Monitor the progress of the recommendations based on their defined objectives and suggest changes as needed.

Of course, life marches on and priorities change. We are there to discuss and adapt our client's portfolios as needed. By communicating openly, our clients distinct life and financial situations will be addressed in a timely manner. We believe that we are most effective by building long-term relationships with our clients.